Electrosmog - the new scourge of humanity

Unlike foul and contaminated water, air or smoke, Electrosmog cannot be tasted, smelt, breathed or ingested. Nor can it be seen.

What is harmful about it?

Excessive and constant exposure.

To understand this, we have to understand how the earth, living plants, animals and human beings grow, thrive and survive.

Recent discoveries have affirmed that all living organisms have an intrinsic life force. They are programmed to receive, process and transmit energy. They have a DNA which is unique and which is defined in every molecule.

In spite of the unique characteristic of each human being, plant, animal, there are certain common things that give them sustenance and perpetuate their life force.

The Earth resonates with the 7 beneficial planets which vibrate at certain frequencies. In turn, it forms certain crystals and minerals. Seven of them have the same/similar frequencies. When their vibrations match, they resonate and reinforce each other. The same frequencies are repeated by shapes, certain symbols and the visible colours of the spectrum  VIBGYOR.

It has been proved that visible light has all the resonating frequencies that sustain and enhance life forces.

Our technology is based on recognizing this phenomena and ensuring that certain natural disturbances of the Earth, which cause dissonance in the living organisms, or negative zones are identified/recognized and avoided, like it is done instinctively by animals and children, or their effects corrected.

This has been done by recognizing the vibratory frequencies, which can resonate with the body and non-intrusively and naturally changing the harmful frequencies or superimposing beneficial ones which are finer and of a higher frequency on the same in a manner that they override their effects.

For natural radiations, this has been done by embedding programs/symbols on stable and durable conducting materials like copper and aluminium which resonate with the body and placing them accurately at points/lines of maximum intensity and minimum resistance of these affected zones. Research has found that it is easiest to change these Negative vibrations whenever they change mediums from solid to liquid surfaces or solid to air.

In the case of man made radiations emitted from Wi-Fi Radiations and electrical appliances and high intensity electric transmission or generation lines/sources, it has been found that they have unpolarised particles which cause cell and tissue damage. If they can be re-patterned to form a coherent field, the damage can be prevented. Their wave forms, too, which are systemic in nature, are radically different from natural wave forms emitted from the human, animal, plant body and earth, which are Random in nature.

By superimposing finer and subtler higher frequency random waves, we can re-pattern the flow of the EMF waves without compromising or destroying the information carried by them to make devices work.

This has been done by identifying the combination and quantity of different frequencies of VIBGYOR or visible light and coating/transferring them on durable polymer and inert materials to emit random waves at higher frequencies (THZ instead of MHZ) which carry the EMF in a random and resonating form to the human body. The correct positioning and placement of these chips on the device has been found to completely neutralize the biological damage caused by EMF and Wi-Fi.

Measurements of Heart Rate, fatigue, EEG of the Brain and other extensive tests under scientific and medical protocol have confirmed this.

We create healthier spaces for people to live and work in, thus enhancing both their well being as well as productivity. Our Radiation Management Solutions for home and workspaces negate the effects of harmful radiations emanating out of natural and artificial sources in an individual's vicinity.

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