20% of any built space in this world is affected by negative radiations from the earth.

Is the indoor environment costing you your health?

Indoor air quality is now dinner table conversation. Chances are you have taken adequate measures to improve it and believe that the physical spaces you operate in are healthy. But are they? Is your space immune to the negative radiations that are continuously given out by the earth? Or, the dense cloud of electromagnetic radiations resulting from the numerous electrical gadgets and devices in the vicinity? Geopathic stress and electrosmog are health hazards that have been extensively linked to a range of diseases - from cancer and infertility to neurological disorders in children. And it is not just humans who suffer; there is empirical data to show that machines located on negative radiation zones break down more frequently and processes report higher quality problem.


2000+ establishments corrected for radiation. 10 million sq.m built up space made healthier by Environics. 250 sq.km. land area corrected.
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Environics makes the indoor environment healthier.

20% of any built space on this planet is affected by the negative radiations from the earth. The indoors is further compromised by radiations from hundreds of wireless devices that are now essential to modern living. Environics is a radiation management service that works to change the nature of these radiations and makes them harmless to the human body. The service involves the following steps:

  1. Radiation survey of the site using scientific instruments.
  2. Collecting data about people's basic health parameters, pre-corrective measures.
  3. Correcting negative radiations by installing specially developed chips.
  4. Evaluating the site and the health parameters of the people, 3 months after taking corrective measures.
  5. Documenting the entire process, including the before after conditions of the site and the people there in.

Environics is the result of continuous research and fine-tuning being carried out for more than two decades. The service has been available commercially for over 10 years and has been used successfully by more than 450 clients. Find out more about how they benefitted.


This is what some people had to say:

A petroleum refinery faced constant breakdowns in the first one and a half years of its operations. This was due to the couplings of a number of machines arranged in series in one important plant breaking down repeatedly (33 times)”.  The various measures taken didn’t solve the problem and could not be diagnosed also by the management. Post the corrections done by Environics, no further breakdown of the couplings occurred.


We create healthier spaces for people to live and work in, thus enhancing both their well being as well as productivity. Our Radiation Management Solutions for home and workspaces negate the effects of harmful radiations emanating out of natural and artificial sources in an individual's vicinity.

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