A wireless world, but at what price?

From the mobile that beeps out the morning alarm to the microwave that warms dinner at night, our lives are pivoted on technology. While technology has empowered us in unimaginable ways, the price we are paying for this dependence is an alarming one. Scientists are now ringing the alarm bell on the excessive use of wireless devices causing governments across the world to take steps for moderation.

  • France has banned the usage of Wi-Fi and all wireless devices in Nursery Schools.

  • The city of Berkeley in California, USA has adopted the cell phone "Right to Know" ordinance. It requires cell phone retailers to provide those who purchase a new phone an informational fact sheet which informs buyers to read the user manual to learn the cell phone's minimum separation distance from the body.

  • Canada encourages users to take measures to reduce not just their own exposure to radiations from cell phones but also that of their children.

  • Australia has issued an official caution for children to text rather than talk on their cell phones.

  • Israel has guidelines to limit children's use of cell phones, the use of cell phone in schools, cellular communication in enclosed places and, the use of wired earpieces.

Studies have found that excessive use of wireless devices can cause:
    1. Tumour
    2. Cataract
    3. Headaches
    4. Dizziness
    5. Nausea
    6. Lower Sperm Count
    7. Birth defects

Is it possible to reduce the health risks of wireless gadgets without compromising their use? It is. That's where the Envirochip comes in.


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